Prachi Manoj Devre

Date of Birth: 2007

Year in School: 7th standard

Costs per Year: $400

Location: Mumbai, India

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Name: Prachi Manoj Devre

Date of Birth: 2007

Year in school: 7th standard

Cost per year: $400

Location: Mumbai, India (map)

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We learned of Prachi from a wonderful woman names Aarti Naik, who runs a program in Mumbai, India, called Sakhi for Girls Education. Before we tell you about Prachi, you need to know a little about Aarti and where they both live. For the lower classes in India, education for girls is not considered very important, and often families will spend what little money they have on the boys, leaving the girls to go through a sub-standard state-sponsored education. Often they are removed from school in their early teens. When Aarti was a teenager, she wanted to learn and stay in school. Against the wishes of her parents, she did so. She worked hard, took the tests to pass her schooling, and succeeded in graduating. She wanted the same opportunities for girls in her area of Mumbai, so she started Sakhi for Girls Education to help them succeed. A Sakhi is something like a big sister, or a mentor. She provides literacy and other programs in the slums of Mumbai that girls can attend after their normal schooling (which she says does not provide a very good education). She recently won an award from India for her work, and has had several articles written about her and her efforts. Her parents are very proud, and we are very happy to have met her. She is doing wonderful things for the girls in her city, and it is clear that she has passion and drive and a huge heart.

Aarti Naik, of Sakhi for Girls Education, in Mumbai, India

We’ve been in contact with Aarti for a few months now, and we are happy to provide funds for her to help educate Prachi.

Prachi came to us when another of our students, Guddi, had to leave the program. Guddi’s family was moving away and Aarti suggested Prachi could use our help.

Prachi and her family, which includes her mother and father, grandmother and older sister, live in a small room in the slum area where Aarti lives. They rent this room with the money that Prachi’s father makes as a rickshaw driver, which is very limited. There is not a lot of money for something like expensive (by their standards) schools.

Here is her story, in Aarti’s words:

Inspiring story of Prachi’s mother:
Prachi’s mother had a dream to teach her two daughters in English medium. Prachi’s elder sister, Sangami is studying in 6th Std. But initially there was a lot of resistance faced by Prachi’s mother, because of poor family situations, Prachi’s father and grandmother were reluctant to give admission to these girls in English medium school.

Prachi’s family does not have their own home, all they live in slum area in a small room; it is on the monthly rent basis. Prachi’s father is a rickshaw-driver. So he has limited source of income, and most of the money goes on monthly room rent. All these challenging situations were affecting on Prachi’s access to quality education and her elder sister faced the same situations.

But Prachi’s mother did not give up with these odd situations. She strongly came ahead and she shared her decision that she will work as domestic worker and she will complete the education of her two daughters in English medium school. In future she will never expect financial support from any family member for her daughters’ education.

Then she started work as a domestic worker and she earned money; and finally she gave admission to Prachi and Sangami in English medium school. Now every day Prachi’s mother goes to 3-4 homes to work as domestic worker and she is supporting her two daughters’ education in English medium school. Prachi’s mother has a dream that her daughter, Prachi will become ‘Teacher’ in future!

Since two year, Prachi has been coming to SAKHI class; initially her confidence level was very poor but gradually she started to participate in the daily capacity building activities of Girls Learning center. When she joined class, I observed that she was struggling to read and write even simple words and there was no one at home and school to pay individual attention. At her school she does not get individual support specially to understand the meaning of difficult English words. After two years now Prachi’s reading progress has reached at satisfactory level but still she is in need of continuous support to reach at reading comprehension level.

Why SAKHI gives priority to Prachi? At SAKHI, I am giving priority to Prachi because of following reasons:
Prachi’s mother has a lot of ambitions about her daughters’ education. She is continuously struggling to provide quality education to her daughters. So in such situations if she get support for Prachi to continue her school education, then it will help minimize the burden to make continuous arrangement of money to ensure educational needs of Prachi. Prachi’s school education is totally depend on her mother’s earning, and she does not get enough support from other family members..
Prachi’s mother works very hard as a domestic worker; she took LIC policy to secure the life of her daughter. Also as per her capacity, she saves money 50-60 rupees per month in SAKHI’s Girls Bank specially to continue Prachi’s education in future.

With support like that, it seems that Prachi and her sister will be very successful in their education. The rest of her family is dead set against helping at all, so all the money for the two girls’ education comes from Prachi’s mother’s work. In addition, Prachi’s mother puts aside a few rupees per month for classes at SAKHI, so she is clearly dedicated to her daughters’ future. Our help to Prachi will ease some of that burden and leave more money for her sister’s education and her family, and we are absolutely delighted to be able to support such a dedicated mother and her daughters!

Prachi2 Prachi studying hard at Sakhi (click to enlarge)

Prachi Prachi learning her words at Sakhi classes (click to enlarge)

Prachi’s initial letter to us is pretty sweet:

Name: Prachi Manoj Devre
Age: 8 Years Standard: 3rd
School name: J. A. Meghani English Primary High school
My mother does not have enough money because my family’s financial condition is not good, so my mother asked Tai (Aarti) that “please can you support to education of Prachi”?
I was not having pen, pencil and school bag, so asked mother that my school start in June and it will end in March-April. Holiday will start in April. I like to use computer in school. I like to play in school, also I like to play spoon game and running.
If school get holidays, at home I complete my home-work, English writing and I dance. Every day I go to Tai’s class to learn and when I grown up I wish to become a ‘teacher’.
Thank you

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February 2020

Aarti reports that Prachi is still working on her art, although she is struggling with her performance in school, and with her motivation. This is due to the problems she has at home. We hope she will continue to strive. Aarti has been working hard to motivate her and keep her excited about art and about her studies.

Prachi took part in a drama and theater workshop. We love watching her hands during her back and forth discussion! Aarti tells us that Prachi is acting out a discussion between two people about tobacco use, trying to raise awareness about tobacco addiction. She is also discussing how in public places you should not spit tobacco and make it dirty. We love that!

Prachi in Drama & Theater Workshop from One New Education on Vimeo.

September 2019

Prachi entered 7th Standard and still loves painting and drawing as much as anything else in her life. Unfortunately, Aarti tells us that Prachi’s parents don’t really support her studies or her love of art. There are some conflicts at home, and Prachi’s grades and motivation to continue are suffering. Aarti is trying hard to keep her inspired and moving forward, and we hope that she will continue, as she is such a talented young woman.

Here are some recent photos from the Girls’ Learning Center.

Making greeting cards. Prachi is second from the left in the front row (click to enlarge)

Doing her artwork (click to enlarge)

And the finished product (click to enlarge)

Prachi practicing writing (click to enlarge)

Handwriting competition (click to enlarge)

Prachi’s handwriting sample (click to enlarge)

Teacher’s Day (click to enlarge)

Prachi received a little award for her work (click to enlarge)

Prachi is on the right in the very back row during this celebration of Teacher’s Day (click to enlarge)

And here are many of her new art pieces, including some very clever ones!

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August 2018

Prachi finished her year in fine style! She is doing well in school, and especially well in her painting and art classes. She loves art, and we figure that perhaps when she is ready, she will try and pursue a career in art.

Prachi’s art class evaluation (click to enlarge)

Prachi’s art class evaluation (click to enlarge)

Prachi’s art class evaluation (click to enlarge)

Then again, perhaps she’ll become a professional athlete! She participated in a cricket match a few months ago and we just got the photos from that. Our contact Aarti says that she had a great time playing cricket, which is pretty apparent from the photos!

Prachi’s cricket team. Prachi is fourth from the left in the back row (click to enlarge)

Prachi on the far right (click to enlarge)

February-March 2018

Artist of the Month! (click to enlarge)

We again received some wonderful news about Prachi and her art. Last year she was chosen as Artist of the Month! She received a certificate and an award with her picture on a coffee mug. She is justifiably very proud, as are we! Congratulations, Prachi!

Prachi and her Certificate of Excellence (click to enlarge)

Prachi in her Arts and Crafts class (click to enlarge)

Prachi and her friends from drawing class (click to enlarge)

Prachi and her friends doing a drawing activity (click to enlarge)

Prachi and her drawing teacher (click to enlarge)

Prachi’s art exhibit (click to enlarge)

November 2017

Prachi, Aarti, and the Rotary Club President honoring Prachi for her drawing (click to enlarge)

During the recent Children’s Day celebration in Mumbai, Prachi’s drawing was chosen for special appreciation by the President of the Rotary Club of Mumbai Greencity. Congratulations, Prachi!

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May 2017

Prachi has passed into her next year of school, which will be 5th Standard. She is struggling a little due to some issues at home, which have affected her health this year. But we hear from our contact Aarti that she is doing much better so we hope that the hard times are behind her for now. Here is her grade card and her year-end letter to us. Congratulations, Prachi, for persevering and passing your classes to next year!

Prachi’s year-end letter to us (click to enlarge)

Prachi’s year-end report card (click to enlarge)

Prachi doing homework with her mother (click to enlarge)

Prachi and Aarti (center) going over her homework with Prachi’s mother (click to enlarge)

Prachi has been taking art classes, and we will begin paying for them this year, since it is a strain on the family. But when we received her most recent artwork, it is clear that this is something she loves and wants to do. So we support her in that love! Make sure you click to enlarge these images—they are wonderful!

October 2016

Prachi is loving her drawing class and doing really well in it!

prachi_drawing_2-copy Drawing 1 (click to enlarge)

Drawing 2 (click to enlarge)

Drawing 3 (click to enlarge)

prachi_drawing_1-copy What a face! Drawing 4 (click to enlarge)

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June 2016

????????????? Prachi’s letter (click to enlarge)

Prachi’s year-end grades were really good, she either improved in most subjects or remained the same from her mid-term grades, so we are very happy and proud of her. She’s been promoted to Fourth Standard (fourth grade). We received a wonderful year-end letter from Prachi, in which she answered the following question: Please describe a typical day for you.”

February 2016

Prachi with her mother at home (2) copy Prachi studying with her mother at home (click to enlarge)

Prachi is doing really well in school and receiving good grades. Her letter to us is super sweet. Aarti explains that the word “tai” means “auntie.” Her English is terrific and we are so glad that she can help her friend learn more. Aarti sent some great pictures of Prachi studying at home with her mother. Aarti tells us that Prachi is getting a good education only because of our support. We are so happy to help!

Prachi with her mother at home (1) copy Prachi studying at home with her mother (click to enlarge)

Prachi is studying at her home (4) copy Prachi studies at home (click to enlarge)

? Prachi studies at home (click to enlarge)

Letter from Prachi 25.01.2016 copy Prachi’s mid-term letter to us. For her grades, the number on top is her score, out of a possible schore of 20. EVS means environmental studies, and SS is social studies (click to enlarge)

July 2013 – A visit to Aarti’s Class

Here are some wonderful photos taken by some friends of ours when they were in Mumbai, and were able to visit with Aarti in her classroom.

Schoolwork Schoolwork (click to enlarge)

Sahki2 The girls at Sakhi For Girls Education in Mumbai (click to enlarge)

Aarti was the focus of two great articles recently; one from the Free press Journal about her Book Bank for girls in her slum, and the other about her program for educating girls. It is a wonderful look at what Aarti is doing for the girls in her corner of the world. We are very proud to be associated with her.

When Girls Bank on Books

Investing in a Future We Can All Believe In

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