Keyling Tatiana Espinoza Centeno

Date of Birth: July 26, 2004

Year in School: Graduated!!

Cost per Year:

Location: El Sauce, Nicaragua

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Tatiana is a lovely girl who lives with her father and mother, and older brother and sister. They have a nice home in town which they built themselves a few years ago, although they did use much of their resources to build the home. It’s neat and tidy, even though there aren’t many “things” in it. Tatiana’s father Mario Antonio runs a small shop at the bus terminal that sells household items and “grano basico” (things like rice and other staple items). Sometimes his shop does reasonably well, but many months he brings in very little. Tatiana’s mother Mariluz returned in mid December, 2013 from a month in the hospital. She has a uterine tumor that will need radiation therapy starting in January to try and shrink it so it can be operated on. Although being in the hospital doesn’t cost much, travel to and from, and food while visiting, as well as other necessities to keep her comfortable have put a strain on the family.

Tatiana has very good grades at the school, and says she wants to be a doctor. She wrote a very sweet note to us with a drawing of her next to a building labeled “Hospital de Sauce.” We got a really good feeling from both parents in the house, despite the strain of the illness. Tatiana’s father seems very dedicated to his family and to being the best father he can be. Everything at the house was very well kept, even though Mariluz had been gone for a month. Tatiana attends school with Alondra and they are friends from the same neighborhood.



Tatiana is all grown up! She had her 17th birthday, and sent us photos of her getting ready to graduate. She finished her first semester at the top of her section in school, and according to her letter to us, has some very well-defined plans for her life after high school. We’re so excited to watch her move beyond high school and see where she goes!

Here is a translation of her letter to us at the mid-term:

14 August 2021

Hello dear Christa and the other members of the foundation. I hope this finds you healthy!

I tell you that I am just a few months away from finishing my school year with a lot of success. I am in first place with my grades in my section. I am very excited because soon will be graduation. I am very grateful to God, you, and my parents for all the help that you have bestowed upon me to be able to achieve these goals.

After  graduating I will take a basic course in acrylic nails, given that I can work at that and help with my university studies. I will study the career of social work on weekends. I love social work because I can help other people.

Starting in December I will travel to Estelí where I am going to take my class, which will be three months long. The requirements are my identification, materials for practice, and the cost of the course, Also, to enter into the university I will have to take an admission exam, which I will have to present myself and bring my grade card and the rest of my documents.

I will accomplish this with the help of God, and with my efforts and dedication.

I say goodbye gratefully. I send you all many kisses and hugs. I will see you in December. Blessings.

Sincerely, Keylin Espinoza




December 2020

Tatiana finished her year with wonderful grades. She received an 83% average, and seems to be well situated to enter her final year of high school next year. Her excitement about finishing secondary school is practically brimming off the pages of her letter to us. She also expressed a pretty clear plan to study social work. She wants to go to a private university in Esteli on Saturday classes. We’re excited for her that she has this goal, and we think it is very achievable. And she’ll be good at the work; she’s a very sweet, gentle person with a lovely way about her.


29 December 2020

Dear Christa and ONE Foundation,

I hope this finds you all well. Thank you for continuing to help us with our scholarships.

I want to tell you a little of what I lived through this year! My biggest challenge this year was the pandemic since it made it difficult to attend classes. The same with the hurricanes since the classrooms in which we studied weren’t adequate.

I have been really proud that I finished one more year of classes. With the help of God, all of you, and my parents, I am only one step away from finishing secondary school. Next year I am excited to graduate since it is a dream made reality after so much effort and dedication.

I am more than prepared for this next school year. I am very happy to start this next school year and finish my secondary school. I hope to continue studying with the help of God. I want to study social work because I am very passionate about that career. I want to study on Saturdays in the city of Esteli. To make this dream a reality, I have to look into many things— what are the requirements to be able to enter in this career, if there are scholarships, what are the costs.

Thank you for the help. Merry Christmas and happy new year. May this year be filled with blessings for everyone. I hope to see you at my graduation.

I love you, many kisses and hugs!

Sincerely, Keylin T. Espinoza Centeno


December 2019

Tatiana is getting taller and more beautiful each time we see her, although she is still as serious as ever about not dancing! She ended her year with an 82% average, which is very solid. It was a big year, since she turned 15, and even though she didn’t have an official Quinceañera, Meghan and Christa had to bring her something glittery for her birthday.

Tatiana’s year-end letter us talked about some of the things that she learned, and she told us one of her favorite jokes, which really doesn’t translate into English!


6 December 2019

“Keilin Tatiana Espinoza Centeno”

1) Describe an accomplishment (not your grades) of which you are the most proud from this school year.

Of all my accomplishments the one I am the most proud of is having completed in my piñata project in the class of Learn, Undertake, and Prosper, since it was a very difficult work project, but I achieved by objective.

2) Describe something that you learned in one of your classes that you found interesting.

Of the new material that they taught us in third year the most interesting were algebra and chemistry, because in these classes you apply a lot of formulas.

3) Tell us your favorite joke.

Why does a tomate (tomato) not drink coffee?
Because “toma te” (he drinks tea).

4) Are you excited for the next school year? Why?

I am because I am going into fourth year and I know it will be very difficult but I will give it a lot of effort with the help of God.

September, 2019

Tatiana is doing very well in school. Her midterm average was 85%, which is very solid. We’re proud of her efforts, especially in math! Although her grade in math wasn’t quite as high as she’d like, she definitely has the desire to learn more and keep moving forward. She was again able to march in the September parade due to her high average, which is a wonderful experience, and one she is justifiably proud of. Here is her midterm letter to us.


El Sauce
20 October 2019
For: Christa and the ONE Foundation

Dear Christa, I hope this finds you and the rest of the members of the foundation doing well.

In this letter I want to tell you a little bit about my school year. Thanks to God my grades have gone up a lot. The best thing that happened to me this year was to have been a cumplidora with an 83% average. Also I have made a lot of new friends and have shared a lot of happiness with them these past months.

When I started this year I had difficulty with some of my subjects because they were teaching us new topics but thanks to the help of my friends who helped me I understood a lot. One of the differences that I experienced is that at the beginning of the year I felt that math was going to be difficult but nonetheless I saw that I understood it better and this new method has been a big help. The difference that I felt was that when I understood the subject it wasn’t hard for me anymore. There will be a lot of differences since I have a lot of desire to have better grades.

I say goodbye with much love. Greetings to all the members of the foundation, kisses and hugs.

Sincerely, Keyling Tatiana Espinoza Centeno


December, 2018

Tatiana ended her year with an average of 76%, a bit low for her. She said that her classes this year were hard, and it cost her a lot to learn, especially in natural sciences. But she’s still trying, and we hope she will continue to try even harder as she enters her third year of high school. Her parents are doing well, and they still run their little store at the bus terminal. We hope the addition of a giant new supermarket to the town won’t hurt small vendors like them.

Her final letter to us talks a little about what makes her nervous for the coming year.


For: ONE
Dear members of the ONE Foundation. I hope this finds you healthy.

I have to say that I am a bit nervous because I was experiencing new subjects and it was really hard. But I moved ahead and “got” it, thanks to the help of my family, my friends, and all of you. For this year I want to put a lot of effort into raising my average. I know I can do it, I just have to force myself more in order to move ahead with my studies. I know that I am going to have new material, things I have never seen.

I am very happy to know that you will continue helping me because it is a huge help to my family.

I say goodbye with a kiss and a hug and I wish you a merry Christmas.

Sincerely, Keyling Tatiana Espinoza Centeno

​September, 2018

Tatiana is not doing as well in school as she has in the past, with a 76% at her mid-year report card. She’s in her second year of high school, which is proving a bit more challenging. Plus, she might be getting a little distracted by the usual teenage things. We aren’t too worried, though, because she’s a good student, and she has the support (and encouragement) of her family.

31 August, 2018

Dear Christa, I hope this finds you well, along with all the members of the foundation.

I want to tell you that I am doing well in class. My classes have been a little hard, since this year, they gave us new subjects that we didn’t know before. But I am working with much desire to move forward.

My family is grateful to you and all the members of the foundation. This 14 September I am going to march in the parade.

I want to tell you that now we aren’t taking exams, everything is cumulative. It helps a lot that now they are only giving us homework and quizzes.

I hope that you’ll come this year. I will wait for you anxiously.

I say goodbye with much love, a kiss, and a hug.

Sincerely, Keyling Tatiana Espinoza Centeno

1) What is something you would like to accomplish for this year?

My goal is to pass this year with very good grades, because next year I will reach 9th grade of secondary school. My grades are a little low, so my goal is to raise them.

2) Is there something you have accomplished or achieved this year?

I raised my grades a little. I got to wear a costume for the school’s birthday party with my friends and that was very fun.

3) Tell us your favorite story or legend from Nicaragua.

“El Cadejo”

It tells of an very strange animal. It looks like a dog. When it appears to people, they say that the white one protects people, and the black one is the bad one.

When the black cadejo encounters the white one, they fight between themselves.

They say that when you run, it becomes a huge dog and it gets very angry until it can kill you.


December, 2017

Tatiana keeps getting more and more beautiful, and we’re just grateful she’s still something of a little girl. She loves hanging out with her best friends, Sua, Alondra, and Elizabeth, and when she does, she giggles a lot. Her family is doing well and their health is better. Tatiana finished her year with an 82%, a fairly low average for her, but we are pretty sure that now that she knows what high school is all about, she’ll figure things out.

For her year end letter this year, we asked Tatiana to draw an outline of her hand. Inside it she was to write things that she liked about herself, or that she was proud of. Outside it, she was to write things she’d like to accomplish or do this coming year or in the future. Here’s her piece of art! Inside her hand she has written things like “I am studious,” “I like animals a lot,” “I like my hair,” “I’m a good friend.” Outside her hand she has written things like, “I want to take a beauty class,” “I want to know other places,” “I want to help my family.” We hope she’ll hang onto this and add to it when she feels like it.


December, 2016

As usual Tatiana’s grades were stellar at the end of the year. She received a 93%, and it’s clear that she is very serious about studying. This will serve her well when she gets to secondary school, which is much harder than primary. Her family is healthy, and we were able to attend her promocion from 6th grade into secondary school, which was really fun. It was also quite a learning experience! We can walk you through it with some photos.

Tatiana and Alondra were part of an art class that some Flagstaff students presided over while we were there. It was really fun to see Tatiana’s creations (she put a great deal of care into making them), and later, when we visited her house, to see them up on the wall and on her table, proudly displayed.

Tatiana’s final letter for the year is translated below.

To: One New Education Foundation
Letter of thanks

It makes me very happy that you have helped me to study and accomplish my dream because in this year of 2016 I graduated from primary school. I achieved a 94% final average. I promise to you to make an effort to receive good grades and I will do that thanks to God, all of you, and my family that have helped me in all my studies so that this has been a year of much success.

I will make good use of the scholarship for my educational activities. I am very happy because I am entering my first year of secondary school.

I am a very happy girl, and I feel very content and grateful to God, my family and all of you. I hope you continue to help me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Keyling Tatiana Espinoza Centeno

Well, we don’t think there’s any problem with continuing to help Tatiana with her education! She is a very dedicated student, and her family is very dedicated to helping her succeed. Now, we just have to figure out what she loves to do besides study, so we can go do it with her!

February, 2016

Tatiana passed her classes last year with an extremely impressive 90% average. She is simply a lovely girl, very serious and dedicated to her studies and her family. Her mother is doing much better and looks a lot healthier. Her father has had some heart trouble and lost quite a bit of weight. He’s now paying more attention to what he eats, which is a good thing.

Tatiana said that she likes studying and playing with her friends more than anything. She and Sua and an Alondra are thick as thieves, and it is so cute to see them together.

Tatiana’s letter to us reflects her serious nature, and how hard she works in school.


January 6, 2016

Dear Christa

I hope you are well.
We are happy because you are coming to visit us.
I tell you that I enjoy myself a lot with my friends. I learned a lot about science. There were a lot of earthquakes and that was difficult.
It made me feel very proud to march in the September 14 parade.
I feel happy studying a lot.
-To pass the school year, learn English and be a professional.
-To help a friend who has problems in certain subjects. These are the three goals that I want to accomplish.
(what is my talent or gift) I am a good friend and I help my friends.
I say goodbye and I am very grateful for the help that you are giving me.

From, Keyling Tatiana Espinoza Centeno


Our contact Ashley, who has been living just for the past year in New York state, returned to El Sauce for a visit in March and brought along presents for the girls from Christa. She was able to meet with all the girls at Marina’s house and she took lots of great pictures. Tatiana is a lovely girl, a little shy and serious. She’s doing so well in school; her grades were the among the highest of all our girls there.

August, 2015

Tatiana ended her school year with amazing grades! She received an overall average of 96%, and several of her grades were 100s. For this fine performance, she received the honor of being a bandadera (flag holder) in the annual September parade. Congratulations, Tatiana! We couldn’t be happier and prouder than if we were your own parents!


Tatiana did great this year in school! At the end of the year she had an 89% average! We are so happy to see her doing so well.

“Hello Christa and my benefactors. Receive this greeting and I hope you had a happy new year.
What I liked the most this year was my class materials.
The goals that I have this year are to get good grades in my classes.
To always have the help of my parents, of Christa and my benefactors that help me.
To get better in math class.
To behave well with my friends and teacher.
I would like to learn to play volleyball.
In my studies I have learned to respect my elders and my parents.
My goals that I want to accomplish is to be a biologist and in that way to help my parents economically and other people who need my help.

Keyling Tatiana Espinoza Centeno, El Sauce, January 7, 2015″