From Tasmania to Nepal to Flagstaff

Jul 30, 2023 | General

Hello and Happy August to you all! We received a lovely package from Tasmania with some letters that Christa’s friend Jon sent from his visit to our students in Nepal.

Subash, Jon, Khusbu, Sumira, and Amrita

Jon was already going to Nepal for a trip, and Christa asked if he would have time to visit our students in Dhulikhel. He was happily able to visit them, and sent us these lovely letters and photos. In his words: “It was a wonderful experience, perhaps the only one like it which I will ever experience.” He was able to meet Subash, and several of the administrators (or “elders”) of the school, and Khusbu, Amrita, and Sumira were there in their dress uniforms to greet him. Sadly, Bharosha was at school in a different town, and could not join in the celebration. He brought them school supplies and they had a ceremony to welcome him. Jon was a wonderful ambassador for One New Education, and we hope he’ll be able to visit again. Thank you, Jon, for helping us maintain a personal connection with our students in Nepal!



Amrita’s letter page 1

Amrita’s letter, page 2

Khusbu’s letter

Sumira’s letter

Khusbu presenting Jon with welcome cards

Group photo with all the students, Jon and his friend Rabina, and school elders