Our Amazing Students

Jul 10, 2023 | General, Students

Hello everyone, and happy mid summer to you all! We have all been off on our summer adventures, so it’s been a while since you’ve heard news from us, but we have some great news to share, on a couple of different fronts.

First, Elizabeth in Nicaragua received an 87% average for her semester grades. This is a really high average, and we (and she) couldn’t be prouder. She’s very excited and she so loves her studies – it’s wonderful to hear her talk about them.

Our students in Nepal welcomed Jon Nevill, a friend of Christa’s from Tasmania, when he came to visit. He was able to meet with Amrita, Khusbu, and Sumira and they held a lovely ceremony for him, showed him around the school, and gave him letters to post to us. As soon as we receive those letters, we’ll post them with pictures from the visit. Suffice it to say that they are all so grown up, and they all look healthy and happy. All have passed on to their next grades; Amrita is in 10th level, Khusbu in 9th, and Sumira is in 5th grade now.

And finally, we received news that Achecaina in Haiti finished her year first in her class! This in and of itself is incredibly impressive, but we were told that the school has offered her the chance to take the state exam a year early, which means she would be studying two levels at the same time next year: 8th and 9th simultaneously. We have agreed to pay for this since Claudine’s family cannot begin to pay for one year, much less two years. Her tutoring will continue, and her tutor was so happy with her performance that he offered a discount to tutor her. All in all, a very impressive young lady. So in August, Achecaina goes into 8th and 9th grades at the same time. We wish her the best!

Stay tuned for more news as the summer progresses. Thanks for all your support and care for our students!