Grades and Letters From Around the World

Feb 9, 2015 | Students

We’ve been busy with updates to many of the girls’ pages, since we have received grade cards, letters and information from Nicaragua, Honduras, Uganda, Guatemala, Nepal, Haiti and India. All the girls seem to be doing really well; their grades are high and their letters sound very happy. Please check out their pages! It will take a while to get all the letters up, so keep checking back.

India – we have gotten an update from Aarti that she is preparing Guddi for her exams to get into 10th Standard in the National Open School. She will take the exam in April/May, and although Aarti says Guddi struggles a bit with her confidence, and lack of family support, we have high hopes for her. If she doesn’t pass the exam this time, we can continue to support Aarti’s tutoring. Aarti writes to us, “I am so happy that today Guddi can read and write confidently at basic level. In the past she was struggling to write and read simple words.” So that is a huge success of which are glad to be a part!

Guatemala – Alicia and Maria have re-entered school and they are very excited to be there, says our contact Anna. There are some sweet pictures on their pages to check out.

MariaMotherAgreement Maria with her mother, and the agreement for the foundation (click to enlarge)

Nicaragua – All the girls are doing so well! We are slowly posting their letters to us as we translate them, so please keep checking back from time to time and read what they’ve had to say. We’re super happy about their grades, and how involved they are in other things as well.

Honduras – Klaudina is finished with her English classes and there are no more she can take, even at the University. So in order to keep her practicing, we are helping her with a wifi connection at her house so that she can read books in English and study things in English on a donated iPad. The one condition is that she has to write us a report once a month, in English, about a book she’s read, or something she’s learning about. Both her letter and Camila’s are wonderful, be sure and check them out.

Nepal – mid term grades arrived, and Bharosha and Bhumi did really well. Roshani struggles a bit, but she’s improving. Their cards to us are adorable. Here’s Bharosha’s:

2014BharoshaMidTermLetter copy Bharosha’s mid-term card to the foundation (click to enlarge)

Uganda: Naume is 7th in her class and writing beautiful letters to us. The Flagstaff Arts and Leadership students held another successful fundraiser for her, and raised more than $500! Naume and Rebecca start school in a week and we’ll keepĀ  you up to date on their progress.

Haiti: What can we say? Bencille did beautifully at the middle of her 2014-2015 school year. She was 2nd in her class! She has made a huge improvement, and we hope that she is able to keep up her enthusiasm for her studies. She’s obviously really bright, and just needs to keep trying.

Again, please look at the different pages and check out the letters the girls are sending us. We are almost four years old and we’ve had a long relationship with some of these students; it is so fun to watch them grow, and grow up!