Meet Husna

Feb 15, 2015 | Students

We have welcomed another girl to our family, and we’re very excited. You can read all about her on her page, but her name is Husna (pronounced “oosna”) Kidumo Romadhani, and she’s in her third year of secondary school. She comes from a Muslim family, and both her parents really support her education, which is rare in Tanzania. Her dad has even gone to the point of selling household items and borrowing money to make sure she can attend school. Last year, he couldn’t always pay the fees on time, so she was sent home when that happened (a very common thing in Tanzania). So her grades, which had been stellar the year before, suffered quite a bit. We have agreed, along with Greg and Shannon Higgins (our contacts in Tanzania), that we’ll start support for Husna by paying for half a semester’s costs and see what happens with her grades at the mid year. She is a very serious and sweet girl and in our meeting this past December, she said she wants to be a doctor. Her family seems really great, and we are very glad her parents support her education so strongly. Welcome Husna, we’re glad you have joined the ONE family!

HusnaFamily Husna is in the center with her family around her (click to enlarge)