Grades from Nicaragua and Guatemala

Oct 6, 2016 | Students

We received the mid-term grades for our girls in Nicaragua and for Alicia in Guatemala and we are so incredibly excited! They are all doing really well! We know that grades aren’t everything, but they are important, so we’re happy to see these results!

Alicia received an 80% in her classes for the middle of the year, which is just fantastic. She wrote us a great letter, which you can find on her page. Remember that Maria had to leave school for the rest of the year; since she didn’t pass fifth grade, she couldn’t go on to sixth. But she is coming in for tutoring every week, and is determined to do well next time around. You can read her letter on her page as well.

Our girls in Nicaragua are killing it! Here are their averages:

Alondra: 93%
Karina: 75%
Michel: 74%
Odalis: 89%
Sua: 88%
Tatiana: 98% (WOW!)
Teresa: 76%

We are still waiting for Fatima’s grades, which we should have soon. We couldn’t be happier. Karina is getting ready to graduate from high school in December, and Tatiana and Alondra will graduate from primary into secondary school at the same time. Three of the board members will be there to see the ceremonies, and we can’t wait to report on them!