Angela Enters Prepa!

Aug 6, 2016 | Students

13900590_1751016151847095_1054766413_n Angela at graduation with one of her teachers (click to enlarge)

Angela has finished secondary school in Mexico City, and is now signed up for her first year of “prepa” (short for preparatory). These last two years are important years, because the school she goes to and how she does will help determine her possibilities for college.

She tells us that she got into the school she wanted, which is great. It’s close to her house, so she doesn’t have to take transportation every day, and she can walk there. She can also go in the morning session, which allows her to get home at a decent (and safer) hour. We’re very excited for her!

Roshani year end Year-end letter from Roshani (click to enlarge)

Bharosha year end Year-end letter from Bharosha (click to enlarge)

In other news, we received letters from our girls in Nepal. We asked them to tell us about their friends in school. Subash, our contact, says they are doing well. Bharosha should technically be in grade 4, but she tested into grade 5, so that’s great! Roshani is struggling with school, but now she is in Subash’s class, and he’s helping her after school with some tutoring. It’s incredibly important to have support at home, and Roshani’s problem is that she doesn’t really have anyone who can help her, so we are grateful to Subash for his support of her studies.