New Letters From Tanzania; Great News From Nicaragua

Sep 10, 2013 | Students

We recently received some beautiful hand-written letters via snail mail from Tanzania. The girls are doing really well, and their English is improving daily. The school that these girls attended before St. Louis English Medium School was a very poor one, and the girls spoke Kiswahili. So the fact that they are doing so well with their English is wonderful!

082013WiniJLtr Wini’s Letter to Us (click to enlarge)

082013JeniJLtr Jenifer Joseph’s Letter to Us (click to enlarge)

082013JeniALtr Jenifer Anzelimu’s Letter to Us (click to enlarge)











Our friend Ashley in Nicaragua just sent us some wonderful photos of Fatima in a folk dance competition. All the schools sent teams to the Catholic high school (where Glenda  studies), and they performed with the chance to go to the big city of Leon for further competition. We haven’t yet heard how Fatima’s team did, but here are some photos of her performing at the initial competition. Ashely says all the girls are doing very well, and that Karina is doing so well in school that she is going to be able to be a “cumplidora” in the fiestas patrias – the big annual fiesta in town. The students with the best grades from all the schools dress up and march from the school to the mayor’s office and then to the stadium for a special celebration. Congratulations, Karina—that is wonderful news and we are so very proud of you. We’ll find out if any of the other girls will be so honored as well, and post photos when they arrive.

FatimaDance Fatima performing in a folk dance competition (click to enlarge)

FatimaDance2 Gorgeous Fatima! (click to enlarge)