New Students! And more news…

Jun 21, 2012 | Students

ONE is pleased to announce that we have received three new applications: Camila from Honduras, Mireya from Peru and Karina from Nicaragua. We will have more information soon, along with pictures, but we wanted to let you know that we will be welcoming some new girls into the group, which is very exciting!

Other exciting news from ONE: Our June 1, First Friday event at West of the Moon gallery in Flagstaff was wonderful. We talked to a lot of people (that’s where we heard about Mireya), received some donations, and handed out a lot of brochures, so hopefully the word is getting out there. Thanks again to Carolyn Young for hosting us, and putting us front and center in her new and gorgeous space! If you are a Flagstaff resident or visitor, go see her downtown on San Francisco St. It’s a beautiful place!

A recent development for ONE is that we are “partnering” with an organization called BinderBag, which makes very clever and useful backpacks for school kids. Bridget started the organization as a non-profit and will be donating profits to us and putting a ONE tag on each bag, to help raise awareness and support for our program. They’re really cool bags, and we hope to get one to each of our girls when they come off the press. Their website is still in development, but you can check them out at Thanks, Bridget!

Word from our current girls is great. All of them are doing really well. We have attached report cards for Klaudina, Naume and Rebecca, and we are very happy with their continued improvement, and their excitement at being in school.

Rebecca's Report Card (click to enlarge)

Naume's Report Card (click to enlarge)

Klaudina's Report Card (click to enlarge)












Since Klaudina’s year is not complete, the “project grade” section is still blank. We learned that she needs a good Spanish-English dictionary to be able to practice at home, so our contact is looking for one in Tegucigalpa.

Please be sure and check out all the girls’ pages from time to time. We’ve added some photos of their homes and families, and will continue to add more with time. We’d like you to get to know them, so that you can feel invested and interested in their progress. Thanks!