The Link Between Educating Girls and Stopping Global Warming

Nov 1, 2019 | Students

We’ll get to the title of this post in a bit, but first we want to let you know to check out the pages for all our girls in Nepal, India, Haiti, Nicaragua, Tanzania—and Mexico. We have new photos, some wonderful videos, and great news for all of our girls. Here’s a short recap:

  • In India, Prerana, Prachi, and Apurva are doing really well. Prerana is still singing and playing music, and Prachi is still doing wonderful art. Apurva is hard at work at school; this is her last year of high school unless she passes the state exam to move on to the next level. In Tanzania, Jeni A. was elected class president and is testing at the highest level, Division 1. Please look at their pages for some terrific pictures and videos.
  • In Nepal, all the girls are enjoying science fairs, crafts, and music, and working hard in school. Check out the photos and videos on their pages!
  • In Nicaragua, the year is almost over and there will be some big changes. Elizabeth and Sua graduate, and Odalis moves up to secondary school. All of our girls there are doing well, and we have posted their midterm letters on their pages for you to read.

AND… she’s back! In Mexico, Angela has overcome the personal and family challenges that she was having that negatively affected her studies. Although she wanted to come to the U.S., that simply wasn’t a realistic dream for right now. After dropping out, she started classes again in a different place and she’s been absolutely killing it! Her grades are stellar, and she’s very serious about her studies. She repeated the year she’d lost, and her mother worked really hard to make that happen. So we have decided to support her during her last two years of school. So Angela comes back to ONE with a new dedication to her studies, a new school and friends, and a new haircut. Please go to her page to see the new/old Angela.

Now, the title of this post refers to an amazing TED Talk given by a member of Project Drawdown, an extraordinary project that looks at the 80 most feasible ways to slow and stop global warming. One of the things highest on their list is the education of women and girls. Every day, it seems, we find another link between the education of women and girls and the betterment of the planet. Here’s the talk, we hope you enjoy it.



Thank you again for your support of girls’ education.