Very Good News From Nepal!

May 2, 2015 | Students

In the midst of the horrific news of the earthquake in Nepal, we have heard that our girls are fine, as is our contact, Subash. Christa wrote to him as soon as she heard, and here is his response:

Yes Christa Ma,am we all are fine. I can’t get in contact with the girls family because still the mobile networks has not functioned well. But I heard that everyone are safe. I am engaged in a social club and our club are helping the victim of massive earthquake by providing food. So me and my team are totally engaged in that activities so I couldn’t send you the response fast. School will remain closed for few days so I will send the report of the girls and the yearly expenses report as soon as the school opens and as soon as I can. Warmly, Subash Shrestha

This is very good news and we are so happy to hear it, even while we pray for help and support for those suffering from the horrendous destruction and loss of life.

Here at home, we wanted to report that the very successful Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy fundraiser Chairs for Change raised over $1,500 for the foundation! More than 20 chairs turned into works of art found homes with members of our community, and we want to thank Janeece Henes from FALA, all the artists who created the pieces, and to the Coconino Center for the Arts and the Flagstaff Cultural Partners for hosting the event for the month of March. As everyone knows, fundraising is the constant issue with non-profits, and we are so grateful to have such talented and generous help in that arena.

We have received some wonderful photos of our girls in Nicaragua. Our contact Ashley, who has been in New York working for the year, returned for a visit and brought presents from Christa to the girls. They all had a gathering at Marina’s house for the girls to open their presents and read their cards. They are all so beautiful and growing up so fast! Please check out their pages to see the new photos. Everyone is doing well and is healthy and happy, which is the best news of all.

Thank you all, for your continued support of our girls. We are grateful beyond words that there are people who care enough to help.