A Letter From Guddi

May 21, 2014 | Students

We received this wonderful letter from Guddi, who is doing much better with her health and her family. Aarti, our contact there, translated the letter to us. We’re delighted to hear that Guddi is doing well and excited about her studies. Congratulations, Guddi!

A Letter from Guddi_May 2014 (1) Guddi’s Letter to the foundation (click to enlarge)

A Letter from Guddi_May 2014 (2) Guddi’s letter to the foundation (click to enlarge)

A Letter from Guddi_May 2014 (3) Guddi’s letter to the foundation (click to enlarge)

A Letter from a girl, Guddi

I am Guddi.

I was a girl with very less education. One of my sister suggested me that I can appear for 10th std. exam from outside the school. I focused on her valuable suggestion, and I firmly decided to appear for 10th std. class exam. But I was not able to read and write, however with my strong wish, I decided to appear for 10th class exam.

I observed praying and fasting to God, he gave me strength to read, I also talked with God that give me strength to write. Because of my lack of ability to read and write, I used to cry and I talked with God that someone should come in my life, who can teach me and guide me.

And God fulfilled my wish, a young girl, Aarti has come in my life, she started to take my study with continuous teaching and support to me. She has helped me to give admission in National Open School, so I will able to complete my 10th Std. Now I have got books for the exam of national open school.

In Marathi subject, I have got first information about past inspiring leaders. All these leaders took a lot of efforts for community development.

I have also got second information about ‘Home Science’, here I learned about my body and health. I have got to know about the right age to get married for a young girl in her life. Also I learned about right age for young girl to give birth for her child. Girls age need to have around 24 to 25 for such things.

Third information about the subject, ‘Art’ (ChitraKala), I learned that in ancient age, there was ‘art’ in very progressive stage. I was not aware of such things, but now I learned so many such new so many new important things.

I study these subjects, so now I am able to read and write more effectively. In the past it was the biggest challenge for me to read and write. I am so happy today, I had strong wish to read and write, and I fulfilled it with my continuous efforts.

I will definitely pass in my 10th class exam, and I will able to go in college to complete my 12 std. This is my future journey, and I will definitely complete it. There are other two books, yet I have not gone through these books. I will study these books and I will write about its information.

Thank you, Guddi
Aarti Aarti receiving her award (click to enlarge)
We also received word from Aarti that she received a very prestigious award in India for her work educating the girls of her community: the Karmaveer Chakra Award from the International Confederation of NGOs (ICONGO). The award is given for proactive citizen action and is in recognition of her contribution to society and drive to “be the change.” Congratulations, Aarti! We are so glad that you are out there doing your good work. Your girls are very lucky!