Letter From Klaudina

Jul 10, 2015 | Students

Dear Christa it’s being a long time since I wrote to you the last, is just that I’ve being doing so many things, everything’s going really fine this days so I’m really happy, I’ve had some problems in school recently but now all is better I guess; I want to apologize myself for my terrible grades, I haven’t being giving my best and I feel so bad about that but now is a past thing and I’ll just move on because I’m looking everything from a different angle it’ll just get better from now on…

So now answering to your questions:
-I’ve learned so many new things in school the last few months, you know: new classes, new teachers, new mates, everything’s different but good. My favorite class this semester was philosophy. I’ve really enjoyed studying about all those people that maybe were considered weirdos in their moment because they had a different point of view, different thoughts, and now that “weird” ideas are taken as pure philosophy and have influenced the thoughts of others and changed their minds and that shows me that being different isn’t bad at all…is actually kind of cool, right? 🙂

-My interest now is learn some German and Japanese, I already now some words and phases but I need some practice (when I say some I mean a lot of practice) I’m learning with some videos online and I don’t feel is too hard.

-I have many goals for the future like have best grades and learn this languages, being more active (because I almost do nothing) and something really important: I just have two years left to decide what I’m gonna study in college.

I think there’s just one way to make my goals: just doing it and making it possible.

And with nothing else to say for the moment …bye

All the love: