News From Haiti, Photos From Nepal and Letters From Uganda—and a Beautiful Photo From Tanzania

Nov 22, 2013 | Students


Bencille is enrolled in her next year of school and she looks just about all grown up now! Our contact tells us that her first grade report for the year was a 71% average, which is quite good. Congratulations, Bencille!

BencilleNov2013-1 BencilleNov2013


Two of Christa’s friends from England went on holiday in Nepal recently, and they were able to visit with Subash and Bharosha at the school, even though school was out for a month for the Dashain celebration. Sadly, Roshani was not around, but Val and Gary were able to have a little time with Bharosha, and Gary even tried his hand at table tennis on the school grounds. He said Subash is a pretty amazing table tennis player! They took some great pictures of the school and of Bharosha, whom they said was very sweet and very shy. For all of the most recent pictures, please visit Bharosha’s page, but here are a couple.

ValBharoshaSubash Val, Bharosha and Subash (click to enlarge)

GarySubashBharosha Gary, Bharosha and her new coloring book, and Subash (click to enlarge)











Here in Flagstaff, a group of National Honor Society high school students from the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy are raising funds to help Naume with her schooling next year. They wrote her a letter to introduce themselves, and Naume sent one back to them. Here are both letters; we’re really excited to help make this connection, and the FALA students are really excited to help Naume. Thanks to all of them, from ONE and from Naume!

FALA Letter to Naume Letter from Flagstaff Arts and Leadership students to Naume (click to enlarge)

Naume's reply Naume’s response to the letter she received from FALA students in Flagstaff, Arizona, who are raising money for Naume’s schooling next year (click to enlarge)













Finally, we just received this gorgeous photo of the girls in Tanzania all dressed up in their finery. They look so beautiful – and so grown up!

Girls2-112013 From Right to Left: Wini, Jenipha Joseph and Jenipha Anselimu, November 2013 (click to enlarge)