News From (our) Summer

Aug 6, 2017 | Students

Happy August, everyone! We’ve received lots of great news from a lot of the girls. It’s the middle of the school year for Nicaragua, Guatemala, Uganda, Tanzania, and Peru. In Mexico and Haiti, it’s the end of the year, so we’re receiving lots of letters and grades. Everyone is doing really well, and all the girls are growing up so fast, it’s amazing!

    • Maria in Guatemala passed fifth grade and has started sixth grade!
    • Mireya in Peru is doing well in school. She still struggles a bit with math, but she’s still working on it.
    • Linda Maria in Honduras graduated from Kindergarten in June and is happily enjoying her summer break before heading to the excitement of first grade.
    • The girls in Tanzania are doing really well. Greg and Shannon are thinking of sending Winnie to Kenya for school, since it is a better school, and she’ll be able to shine there. And for Parents’ Day at Jeni A.’s and Jeni J.’s school, dinosaurs from the Southwest arrived for a visit! Our contact Shannon brought a copy of Christa’s book on the beginning of the age of dinosaurs to the girls, and she told us that made them quite the celebrities in school!
    • Our girls in Nepal are all doing well, and they’ve moved on to their next year in school. We received some great letters from them, check out their pages to read them!

Linda Maria on her graduation day! (click to enlarge)

Jeni J (front left) and Jeni A (front right) during Parent’s Day at their school. Our contact Shannon is behind Jeni A. (click to enlarge)