News From Tanzania

Nov 24, 2016 | Students

We received some wonderful news from our contacts in Tanzania, and we thought we should share it with everyone.

  • The Jenis and Winnie have all passed their exams to enter into Form 1 (what we would call 8th grade). Currently, they are in “pre Form 1,” which is a bit like a study session before they enter Form 1 in January. They will be home for vacation in the first week of December.
  • This means we will be renewing our scholarship with Jeni Joseph who, if you recall, left us last year because our contacts wanted her to understand the relationship between her school performance and the scholarship. We’re very excited!
  • Winnie will be attending Mother Teresa of Calcutta, an excellent girls boarding school about half an hour from Moshi. It’s a really good school, and Winnie is excited to get there (she hasn’t enjoyed living at home so much, although it’s better than the orphanage was).
  • Jenifer Anselm and Jeni Joseph will be attending St. Teresa, also a girls boarding school about half an hour from Moshi (and associated with Mother Teresa of Calcutta). It’s not quite as good a school as Mother Teresa, but our contacts wanted Jeni to attend there since it means less time at home for her. Jeni A. is growing up, and she has discovered her appeal to boys, so we are all hoping we can keep her focused on school a little longer. This is, according to our contacts, at her mother’s request, who doesn’t want Jeni to end up having children too soon and not being able to care for them.
  • Husna is waiting for the results of her Form 5 exam, which she will not receive until February. This will determine where she can go to the final two years of school. She is hoping to enter a school that has courses in computer skills. Form 5 is also known as A Level, and corresponds to a senior in high school in the U.S. Where a student goes and how well they do on their exams determines what they can do for a job in Tanzania, so we wish her all the best of luck!