Photos of Klaudina and Bencille – Growing Up So Fast!

Jun 29, 2014 | Students

We received some great photos of Bencille in Haiti and Klaudina in Honduras. Both are so beautiful and are growing up so fast! Klaudina won a medal in the 400 meter relay, which is why she’s proudly holding up her medal in a selfie!
Bencille201406 Bencille growing up (click to enlarge)

Bencille2-201406 But she’s still got a little girl’s smile! (click to enlarge)

KlaudinaMedal Klaudina and a team mate after their first place finish in the 400 meter relay (click to enlarge)

KlaudinaMedal2 Klaudina doesn’t think of herself as athletic, so she is justifiably very proud! (click to enlarge)